TweetDeck Installation Errors On Linux- 2004, 5007

Twitter is all the rage these days and I've been using one of the more popular desktop Twitter applications - TweetDeck TweetDeck runs on top of Adobe AIR -

My day-to-day OS on my workstation is Linux (Fedora 10 to be exact). I installed Adobe AIR and TweetDeck with no issues on the initial installation.

Possibly speed up slow Windows TCP/IP connections

A buddy of mine at work showed me this nifty registry addition for Windows that sped up my network connections significantly.

WARNING! Backup your registry before you perform this addition and if you don't know what you're doing, don't attempt this modification without the help of a friend or professional. Incorrectly modifying your registry can cause your system to become unusable.

Add the following this DWORD entry:


with a hexidecimal value of 400 to this registry hive:

VMware Server Performance Tuning on Linux

There are a lot of postings out on the Net about performance tuning VMware products to run more efficiently. I'd thought I'd share some that I thought were farily useful (most related to running VMware Server on a Linux host).

Random Non-IT-Related: Auto-Tune

From personal observation, a lot of IT people are also somewhat creative and like integrating technology with some other creative outlet like music or photography so I thought this would be kind of funny to post.

I personally love music - I'm a hobbyist DJ/Turntablist and enjoy making some basic electronic music. My friend that I started a clothing company with (Music Integrated Clothing) is a singer and he likes to use some effects on his vocals every now and again.

OCS 2007, Linux, SIPE, and Pidgin

[UPDATE] 2009-03-13

Happy Friday the 13th. Just an update to this story - the SIPE plugin has been worked on by a number of great people including Gabriel Burt from Novell among a host of others. It is now stable and can be used with recent versions of Pidgin.

Check out their great work at The source code can be downloaded at


Just starting out

Welcome to the IT Nerve Center. In the next few months this site will get going and the default Drupal theme will be replaced with a nice custom one. We're just starting out.

Soon you'll find content including HOWTOs on setup, configuring, troubleshooting, and administering all kinds of Information Technology systems, operating systems, as well as small blogs and stories on things we've run across in our daily lives as IT admins.

Check back soon and thanks for stopping by.

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