HOWTO: Fix Citrix Netscaler and the SSL TLS Renegotiation Vulnerability

If you're having problems passing your vulnerability scans and you have a Citrix Netscaler Application Delivery Appliance, here are the links to the Citrix KB articles which describe how to resolve the issue.

My thoughts on the Apple iPad and a great target market

Everyone is talking about the big Apple iPad announcement yesterday. I'm quite underwhelmed.

On the day the iPhone was announced I wanted one. I would've bought it that day if it was available. The iPad - not so much.

The UI in the demos ( looks super cool, but $499 for the entry level device is too much for me to plunk down when I'm not even that excited about it. I won't be waiting in line or hitting the Apple Store online when it's available Day 1.

I think it will be a great book reader, and it will smash the Kindle, but I don't read that much.

What I Need to Switch to Google Chrome Full-time

There are only a few extensions missing from the Google Chrome/Chromium library that are limiting my complete conversion to Chrome on all OS platforms that I use.

I love Google Chrome ( - it's fast, sleek, lightweight, and now runs on all of the major OS platforms that I use. The only thing missing for me to make the complete switch (i.e. not having both Firefox AND Chrome open all the time) are a GMail checking client capable of accessing multiple GMail accounts, and a Twitter client with the same capability.

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Drupal and mod_security - Part Deux

If you have recently updated to the most recent mod_security RPM from Fedora and you are running Drupal, you've probably noticed that certain things don't work correctly. Most specifically, some of the system CSS pages and tabs look funny, and if you're using the pathauto module with the default URL aliases you are probably get a Forbidden (or HTTP 403) when you try to access your content.

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Quick and dirty recording of stereo mix on a Linux box

Last night I wanted to record some things (for personal use only) coming out of the stereo mix on my Linux workstation (currently running Fedora 11 x64). In the past I've been able to use Audacity ( - the awesome open source and free audio editing software available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. For some reason I wasn't able to get Audacity to pick up the stereo mix as an input so I searched around to find out how I could record the stereo mix coming out of a Linux workstations soundcard. Here's what I found ...

Fedora RPM Packages of Google Chromium

So I've wanted to try out Google Chrome on Fedora, but I'm kind of a purist in that I only like to install software on my workstation that comes packaged in an RPM. Many times if software is not available in RPM format I'll build my own with our in-house Koji buildsystem. Koji is the same system that the Fedora Project uses to build it's packages (

Android 2.0 Lacking ActiveSync Provisioning Protocol Features

The Droid from Verzion was released today (2009-11-06) and already we have people at work coming over and asking if we will support it with our Exchange and ActiveSync infrastructure. Well the answer in our case is 'no' and here's why

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