Random Non-IT-Related: Auto-Tune

From personal observation, a lot of IT people are also somewhat creative and like integrating technology with some other creative outlet like music or photography so I thought this would be kind of funny to post.

I personally love music - I'm a hobbyist DJ/Turntablist and enjoy making some basic electronic music. My friend that I started a clothing company with (Music Integrated Clothing) is a singer and he likes to use some effects on his vocals every now and again.

The Auto-Tune effect has gotten a lot of play recently in Hip-Hop/R&B hits and has be brought to the forefront by Hip-Hop artists such as T-Pain. It's also called the "Cher Effect" because of her use in it in her more recent dance tracks.

I was checking out Imeem the other day for the W Hotels music CD and saw this story on Auto-Tune. Check out the last video - it's a spoof on Auto-Tune. It's funny as hell and actually hooky. You'll be singing it the rest of the day.