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Radio Buttons Not Working In Sharepoint 2007 Form Services Forms with IE9 Beta

It seems that radio buttons on forms displayed/rendered with SharePoint 2007 Infopath Forms Services are not working properly.

We have some internal custom forms on our SharePoint 2007 farm that are provided via InfoPath Forms Services. After I upgraded to the recently release Internet Explorer 9 Beta I could no longer select a radio button displayed on an InfoPath Form Services form.

Guess we'll need to file a bug on this one.

What I Need to Switch to Google Chrome Full-time

There are only a few extensions missing from the Google Chrome/Chromium library that are limiting my complete conversion to Chrome on all OS platforms that I use.

I love Google Chrome ( - it's fast, sleek, lightweight, and now runs on all of the major OS platforms that I use. The only thing missing for me to make the complete switch (i.e. not having both Firefox AND Chrome open all the time) are a GMail checking client capable of accessing multiple GMail accounts, and a Twitter client with the same capability.

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